Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Zippiddy Doo Daa

I have been practising my Zip's and am now quite confident with the quality.
Sara was such a Diamond, Once again! and sent me some lovely pieces of fabric to Play with.
The kids Quickly Chose what they wanted and put in their orders! (Wish they'd pay up though!)

This is My 5 year olds Purse with a polka linning she chose. :)

I have also been practising Free Machine sewing. I think it is a craft technique that I may have to forget about using! Eldest daughters CD Pouch, an example.


Shabby Chick said...

Ooh they look good, I like the cupcake!

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

they are lovely, i think my millie would love one like the're so clever

Buffy said...

Ah thanks Mel :)
Thanks Tracy :)

hehe Must be a Millie thing! lol

~Buffy x x

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Buffy!!! Girlie, I've searched high and low and finally found you through Alex's blog!!! It's me... formally of the If Mama Ain't Happy Blog, with a new blog, the old one got deleted and here I am again. LOL!! Stop by and visit soon!!!! Love the cupcake btw!


oldbagcrafts said...

A return visit from my blog to yours... I see you have 5 children - I know where to come for advice after number 3 arrives! Loved my necklace, by the way. Vicky x