Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Baking and Stalking, as you do!

No! not Baking for my stalkees!
My youngest daughter has her 5th birthday tomorrow, along with her great nan's 92nd birthday! so we have all been a cup cake a making! 5 (genuine kids) and an overgrown kid (ie Other Half!) and I, knocked up some cupcakes for the class tomorrow. nowt too exciting but trust me, hectic enough! As for me! Today I have mostly been stalking blogs and adding them to my list, I am in awe! each one has taken away my hours, looking agasp and enjoying!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Clapped out cars and Crochet!

I am off to a start, not necessarily a good start but a start all the same!

I have managed to fix my Camera, all by myself with no expense spared.

Albeit in a "Clapped out second hand car" knack type way. ie to make it work you have to have the right knack to it and pull out the lens by hand at exactly the right time!

My little "pop up" tent has arrived and I have managed to get in an hour of experimenting with taking pictures. The natural light today was too "grey" so I tried a lamp which is a tad too "Orange" Ah well, guess I will have to add a "White lamp" of sorts, to my list of things i need / Want to buy. All necessary items of course! Such as Crochet needles, Yarn, Wire, sewing machine and Fabrics.

Not sure if wanting to "Have a Go" at everything is a good thing or bad! It is so hard not to dabble when surrounded by so many creative souls!

Art Deco themed Swarvoski Wine Glass Charm.

Monday, 22 September 2008

The Blogging Begins!

(Halloween Pumpkin from last year, it's nearly here again!)

I am a stay at home mum to five lovely (most of the time!) children.

I like to spend my spare time making Arts and Crafts. Card Making, Knitting, Scrap booking, Painting, Drawing, Modeling with Recycling materials, Fimo, Wirework, Beading and Jewellery making are all the things I have dabbled in so far. My latest goals are to try Crochet, Aplique and wire crochet / Knitting.

I am always trying new methods and "Giving things a go!"

I hope to keep this blog to show my journey through crafting and hopefully my improvements!

Unfortunatley my Camera is in need of repair! So for now I will just upload some of my previous work.

Wirework Bag charm and the Startings of a Bridal Tiara.

First Fimo Beads and My English Rose and some Letter Canes.