Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Digital Art

All been rather quiet here! I have been trying to redesign my Whole buffys charms look and sync it all together using 1 or 2 simple designs.

In the process I came across Play With Pictures

Still no where near my final designs! but have created a couple of fun pics.
Arrgghhh another addiction! ^_^

Summer Stalls!

With The first meeting of the Summer Fete Coming in the morning, I have also been working on some new phone /media device Pouches. Jewellery will be on the menu too! so been beavering away with ideas and thoughts :)


Rachel said...

Lol, digi art can be addictive right enough. I started out with digi art years ago, and it totally sucked me in. I still dabble now, but mainly 3d people. I used to draw pixel by pixel, but don't have the time for that now.

Be scared. Be very scared.

You think you don't have spare time now?! Just wait. LOL.

Good luck with the other crafting. :)

Rach, x

Jon M Bishop said...

Hey Buffy!

Thanks for telling your readers about Play With Pictures! You should let your kids have a go, stop hogging the computer! We did a session with some eight year olds and they all got it after a bit of encouragement!

Rachel, if you enjoy digi art, why don't you download the trial version of Play With Pictures and let me know what you think!

Jon Bishop
Community manager of PWP

Buffy said...

Thanks rachel :)

I have an addictive personality as it is! I am scared! lol

x x


Your welcome, it's a neatly packaged piece of software, PSP and PSE can be a bit daunting for many, even with the above, PWP is a far easier way to chop out and layer up separate pics.

Me hog the computer? fat chance. The kids all get to use it too. Even my 5 year old is very good with the computer and often complains that she doesn't get enough time on them at school as she has to spend most of her time helping others to use them!

x x

Rachel said...

Don't be scared! Embrace it!


R, x

Anonymous said...

hi hun Im back in the world of blogging and just catching up with all my favs blogs....i love the digi art, so clever. xxxx t