Friday, 29 May 2009


haircut!, originally uploaded by buffys charms.
Have been such a very bad blogger lately. I do hope that I pick up in the summer months. Been a very busy mummy and crafter! Just wanted to share my new dramatic! hair cut! everyone in the hair dressers called me brave (Had about 1 foot cut off!) but it wasn't brave at all, I had fallen out with my hair a long time ago and it felt liberating to have the Evil hair chopped off! I am a happy Bunny :D


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I am liking the new do!

I had my hair cut recently... I had it long and it was such a relief to have it cut short...

I just have to remeber now how to style my hair... instead of just putting it into a ponytail! ;D

Take care

Anonymous said...

I like it x
I am having a personal crisis at the moment with hair, clothes,having jelly belly ect. I think the thing i need which I have lost since having children is style......i need a body overhaul.


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Great hairstyle Buffy, Omgosh, I thought you were gone from blogland, but I found you through Alex, SOOOO glad I did!!! How have you been??? Love love love the hairstyle!!!!
♥ Teresa

Buffy said...

Cheers Alex same here lol I didn't wash it for the 1st two days was scared I'd style it wrong! no more ponytail cop outs hehe x x

Thanks tracy spent the week overhauling as had a child free one! woohoo so nice to get some me time, make sure you sort out some! x x

Thanks Teresa you keep changing blogs that's why lol you good to see you too need to spend more time in blogland! been busy lately real life is a pain! lol x x

Colourart said...

Very nice.

I love to get mine cut and then I end up spending the next few years growing it, just to get bored and cut it again.

I have awarded your blog the "honest scrap award" to view the award please visit my blog

Anonymous said...

Love the new hair cut! :-) I'm doing the opposite - growing mine so I can have a similar style.

Amy x