Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Crochet Motifs

Been Crocheting with a fine yarn to get a lacy effect.
That's what I have done so far but wonder if there's a way of shaping them a bit more.
Also I have no idea what to do with them now?!
Great fun to do, wish they had a good use! guess the flat will just have to be laiden with coasters and doilys lol


Caz said...

Very pretty! I like the top one the best but they're all lovely.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Apparently you get a piece of firm foam and cover it in a towel... pin the crochet into the shape you want and make it damp... repin any bits to make the shape right and leave it to dry... I think its called blocking... if you dip them in liquid starch (stiffener) gently let the excess liquid run out of the crochet (do not wring) and then pin them out they become like a hanging ornament... snowflake for hte chriistmas tree type thing... or add it to a Christmas present as a tag...or you can cover the back of a dish with cling film and then press your starch soaked croachet over the outside of the bowl and let it dry... it will (should) hold its shape a bowl...

Goodness me I didn't know I had so much info in my head... I am really tired now! ;D

I haven't tried any of this yet...
so fingers crossed I am not mis-informed! lol

love the crochet by the way... I must make a load of snowflakes for my tree this christmas...

take care

Buffy said...

Cheers Caz :)x x

Oh Alex! think you need to rest up after all that informative and useful information! take a paracetamol too bless :D

Loving all those ideas and the blocking tip think I will try them all on each motif, only spay starch here at the mo will see how that comes out! lol

Thanks Alex! I feel all inspired again :) x x x

Anonymous said...

WOW you are very talented ,these are fab! xx jo xx