Monday, 22 September 2008

The Blogging Begins!

(Halloween Pumpkin from last year, it's nearly here again!)

I am a stay at home mum to five lovely (most of the time!) children.

I like to spend my spare time making Arts and Crafts. Card Making, Knitting, Scrap booking, Painting, Drawing, Modeling with Recycling materials, Fimo, Wirework, Beading and Jewellery making are all the things I have dabbled in so far. My latest goals are to try Crochet, Aplique and wire crochet / Knitting.

I am always trying new methods and "Giving things a go!"

I hope to keep this blog to show my journey through crafting and hopefully my improvements!

Unfortunatley my Camera is in need of repair! So for now I will just upload some of my previous work.

Wirework Bag charm and the Startings of a Bridal Tiara.

First Fimo Beads and My English Rose and some Letter Canes.


Mavida said...

Hi Buffy, You have some beautiful work on here. You have the gift to turn your hand to anything and produce wonderful creations. luv n kisses pepsi xxx

Mavida said...

hi Buffy, congrats on your blog darl. You are very gifted and can turn you hand to anything to make beautiful creations. luv and kisses. pepsi xxx

Kiamyka said...

Congratulations and welcome to the land of Blogs - love your Fimo stuff
xx chris

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Those fimo canes are amazing, I am new to blog too, so welcome from a fellow newbie!

Cheers Alex

LoloDesigns said...

Hello Buffy, being new to the blog world myself it is nice to support fellow newbies! Love you stuff and look forward to popping by for a browse and to see your new stuff. Have fun with it all xx

flurogoddess said...

Oh my gosh! 5 kids! How do you do it?

Lovely things.