Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I have been tagged by the lovely Chris at Kiamyka
Thank you x x

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So 7 facts about me;

I was coeliac (Allergic to Gluten) as a child, thankfully I out grew the condition in my late teens.
Discovering Doughnuts and fresh baked bread was a heavenly Joy!

I had a friend at school who said I could eat the remains of her cake mix as her mum had used gluten free flour; She lied and I was very poorly sick and missed the party.
(that was nearly 30 years ago!)

I don't hold grudges.

A brick wall fell on me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I suffered nothing more than a grazed shoulder! and I had no top on!

My family owned a pure white cat called fluffy,
she had 3 ears, 1 eye and 2 club paws! (she hated me!)

My name "Buffy" is a pet form of "Elizabeth" As a little girl I used to say Lily ~ Buff and the Buff stuck, I was chuffed to see this in a baby names book recently!

I have always lived around this area and my children attend the same school as I did,
Some of the teachers from my days are still there!

I completed a 5 year Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship at Imperial College and went on to work there as a workshop Technician. It was the last year and as far as I know the last Company to offer such an Apprenticeship as the old school apprenticeships are now long gone!

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Esther said...

Thanks for the tag I'll try and think of some good facts. I didn't know you could grow out of being celiac I thought once it was triggered it didn't go away again though i suppose if you can develop in in later life then maybe you can grow out of it too. Learn something new every day :)

Buffy said...

Infantile Coeliac isn't that common but it occurs, funnily enough there was another child at school who shared the same condition lol

A biopsy at 17 showed the stomach lining was no longer affected by the gluten.

I am so happy that it is now a more recognised condition and there's a much larger awareness of it and recipe sharing etc

When I was little my diet was so limited and what gluten free products we could get on prescription were pretty rank!

Rubyred said...

Hi, the halloween goodies were great weren't they! It was my first win so especially chuffed. See you around on CF.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Buffy, they were great facts. Unusual you grew out of the gluten free condition. It must be strange seeing all of your old teachers again, some of mine probably wouldnt want to meeet up with me again LOL!. Would you mind if I take some time before I do a tag as I still havnt done 2 others I was asked to do. Im so boring that I dont think I can think of anymore things then what I have said already in my other ones. Can we insert your fact number two here 'you dont hold grudges' if I dont do it straightaway LOL! X At the moment it would probably be a long list of everything I hate so I will wait until Im less grumpy!!Toodle Pip! X

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I just found you through lovely Mandy at the Vintage Kitten!
And I want to wish you:
It is quite addictive and fun, isn`t it!
Debbie Moss

saraeden said...

Thanks for tagging me !! My DD goes to the same high school i did and some of the teachers remember me too !!

Sara x

Kiamyka said...

Hiya Buffy
Some interesting facts there. Thanks for joining in :-)
xx chris