Thursday, 2 October 2008

Dreaming in Crochet Patterns

It's true! People in my dreams are being represented by certain lines and dashes, with a key for reference. Thought it best I take a break from it and come here, before I start talking in "Crochet Pattern" ~ "triple crochet for 2 then chain 3" 0_o

Going back ~~~~~~~


Princess' birthday she was as pleased as punch with her Lovely Cake, of which I confess to ordering and not making.


Cat Cake


With a few "eureka!" moments I managed to get to grips with Crochet and pattern reading on a basic level. I am enjoying it albeit at a "retro" level as opposed to contemporary but it will come! along with inspiration, I hope!

Croyden Square

DK Rose

4 ply Rose

The Square needs to be fixed but I don't have enough pins for pining at the moment!

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think you are doing really well at learning to read crochet patterns, I keep trying and it means nothing, as a kid I could never get sheet music to stick in my head, but if my teacher played the tune I could play it back to her!
your crochet looks lovely well done, and what a fab cake..... we all have our own skills and I am a firm believer in letting cake makers do it for me at least I don't have to do the washing up!

Thank you for following my blog and don't forget to leave your comment for the chance of winning a large canvas painting of your choosing!

Cheers Alex