Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My New Sewing Machine!

I have managed to revive my camera briefly and after 2 hours! have managed a couple of Pics :)

Christmas was A Lovely Hectic time and bought me a very Happily recieved Surprise gift from my Mother In Law .......................................

I haven't named it, yet! but I am loving it!
My first project was to make my Daughter (9) a knitting Kit, I came up with this

Special Thanks go to my darling Other Half for the donation of his White trousers and gingham shirt!
Next on my List was my 5 year old daughters request for a triangle door hang with a pom-pom and strawberry on it! bless her.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh wow, what a machine, I have a singer! I used a janome when I worked at the Scrapstore, it was fab it had a speed button so when I was trying to teach some guides how to sew i could slow it write down for them.....
I love the bag, much better use of a pair of trousers and a shirt! lol
and the pennant is lovely.... are you now going to start collecting lots of lovely fabric and ribbon?

Buffy said...

Pennant! thats the word lol

I am on the look out for Material scraps indeed, only so much I can squander from My other half and he doesn't have many florals or pinks!

x x x x

Caz said...

I love that door hanger, looks good enough to eat!

Caz x

saraeden said...

Oooh if you are after some fabric just let me know your address and i will send you some ... i have rather a lot !!!

Sara x

saraeden said...

Sorry silly me i forgot to say i love the new machine and things you have made x x

Sara x

Buffy said...

Oh Wow Sara!!!!!!

You are a star! Made my day! I been posting thanks to you everywhere I can find you! lol

I have Pm'd you on the craft forum :)

~Buffy x x x x

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Sara, what a great blog you have, I love your projects they are totally beautiful and lots of fun too. I too have a janome sewing machine its on of the best things I ever bought in the craft world, mine is a janome 8077 I don't know what the difference is to yours, I had never sewn before and I fancied sewing paper & card, another blogging buddy recommended the model I bought it cost (shock horror) £250 and I have a habit of buying things using them once and then going onto something else so it was a big risk spending so much on a new toy that I wasn't sure I would get that much use from, and my husband remarked on how it would probably be just another very expensive ornament !! Like the cricut machine I had bought only a few months earlier and I didn't get on with !! But I have to say the sewing machine proved to be worth its weight in gold and I have made many lovely projects with it.
Thank you for entering my blog candy .....good luck
Love Susie xx