Monday, 19 January 2009

Twittering and Websites

Today I have discovered the world of Twitter! It is much better than I expected, no idea why I have ignored it so long! You can catch me at Buffyc or follow me using the handy widget on the right.

Today I have also updated my website!
Buffys Charms again there is a link on the right too,
Feel free to have a nose,
All feedback would be gratefully received and Constructive criticism would be very Good for me.
yay about time too! it is in much need of more and newer stock,
how am I supposed to get to that with all this blogging and Twittering?!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I took a look at your shop, and your stuff is amazing...absolutely beautiful!! Do you handcraft the fimo clay beads? Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! The site is lovely too!! I'm in love with the wineglass charms too!!! You're very busy all the twittering and crafting. LOL!

Buffy said...

Aw Thank you x x

Yes I do handcraft the Fimo :) It's time consuming but so very addictive! and the kids love to get involved lol (things do seem to take an age when the kids get involved! hehe)

All this networking too! Don't know if I'll ever get the time to actually craft again!

x x x x

Shabby Chick said...

Ah I'm glad to have made you smile, it was a really nice day!

I'm going to wait and see what samples arrive and if they're a decent size or titchy tiny and then I will let everyone know what/where/how so keep an eye out :)

Mel xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Love your website!
In particular your lovely CREATIONS!
And I`m wishing you lots of luck with it!
I too have a website, so let me know, if you fancy exchanging links with me!
Debbie Moss

MelMel said...

Hello, thank you so much for popping in....please call by again.....I'll be back later to read your blog....xx

saraeden said...

Thank you for the cupcake love !!

I think i will have to do some more of these as i had so many comments about it last night at swimming .
I will be blogging the tutorial tomorrow , i just need to make a pouch to take the photo's !!

Sara x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic website, you have some beautiful stuff