Thursday, 15 January 2009

Rediscovering Embroidery

Theres no point in sewing with a machine if My hand sewing isn't up to much now is there!?
So I decided to don the hoop and threads again and try a few stitches and embellishments .......

It's a start! to be perfectly honest I struggle just seperating the threads! Rome wasn't built in a day.

A Lesson Learned

My Millie (5) found a Tamagotchi in the bush at the supervised playground, she handed it in like a good honest girl :) now it's been 3 months! no one has claimed it so she now has it! She was over the moon!

However, with 6 tamogotchi's between them before, I was only too pleased when the batteries failed them and I could stop pandering to their every needs everyday!

So Once again I find myself jumping up to the sound of bleeps every so often during my day!

Meet our new family member, the "flufy" family

(they are no longer one but a clan of children characters on one screen! )


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well done on the embroidery, I know nothing about embroidery! I didn't even realise you had to seperate threads!
I have killed so many tamogotchi characters by neglecting them....

good luck!
x Alex

Buffy said...

Ah thanks x

I let one die once, My youngest must of been 3 then, She was so heartbroken she cried all night! even though we showed her it can be born again, she's so stubborn lol Never again do I want to go through that! :D

x x

Snippety Gibbet said...

Is that one stitch beaded? I love it. I love embroidery, but the only embroidery I ever get around to is when I teach it in the Spring and the occassional artist trading card. I'll be interested to see what you are working on.

Buffy said...

Thanks x x

Yes it is. It is nice to sit with in the evening. Teach it! oh my, Any tips you want to share, feel free! :D

I am still tinkering, no real projects on the horizon, I am really wracking my brains to find something I can do with a nice, unusual and original Mix of mediums.

I wouldn't hold my breath ^_^

x x x x

Anonymous said...

Love the embroidery!! I wish I could do that. It's beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog too!! I am loving the blogging world and making new bloggy friends!! Your blogs is now one of my favs too! Hope your Saturday is beautiful.

Lavender hearts said...

That's so sweet of you to donate £10! Thank you! I don't know, you tell friends and family and who's the first person to donate - a reader of my blog! ;-)

Thank you!

Sian x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Buffy, You are back. Ive popped by a few times, and then when I stop by again you have done a few posts so Im off to catch up X
The word verification is pshnmism (sounds like a phobia!!!)

Buffy said...

Ah the infamous pshnmism hmmm A Fish phobia? lol

I am back :) *phew* was drowning in hecticness for a while back there! :D

~Buffy x x

JuliaB said...

the embroidery is lovely! as for the tamagochi things .. not so lovely!!! i remember those beeps!! but the things baffled me.. a girl across the road, did a roaring trade looking after them for other people! a tamagochi boarding kennel/house/school!! x